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Corporate Counselling In Chiswick, London UK, covering Chelsea, Kensington, Richmond, Twickenham & surrounding areas.


Corporate Counselling in London, including Chelsea, Kensington, Richmond, Twickenham, the City and  surrounding areas.

As a former lawyer who has worked for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and private foundations, I am intimately familiar with diverse working environments.

The 2024 workplace has been globally altered. Employees are facing unprecedented challenges, many of which have had a profound impact on business. Unresolved personal issues can affect performance and morale.

Stress, anxiety and general overwhelm are plagues of the modern workplace.  These issues can be compounded by divorce, loss, bereavement and other difficult life challenges.

More employees are now working from home, a framework which offers them no reprieve from family related issues and personal problems. Attitudes, especially negative ones, can be contagious in business environments.

Workplace mental health counselling enables employees to discuss their concerns and worries in a confidential, supportive and judgment-free space.

This type of tailored, impactful, individual counselling and group seminars can majorly shift both employee satisfaction and work output.

Contact me today about corporate rates; I am available to work on hourly or contract-based rate. Do not hesitate to get in touch; we will tailor a plan that suits your business needs. Get in touch today.